5 Most Extreme Ski Slopes

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Jackson Hole, WY: Corbet’s Couloir

Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole was first discovered in 1960 by Barry Corbet, and is now frequented by many of the world’s best skiers. It begins with a 20-foot drop and narrow cliff walls. Getting through this couloir doesn’t only count on you. The snow conditions on the mountain must be ideal and the skier must have quick instincts in order to avoid hitting the cliff walls and injuring themselves. This run is so narrow, there’s no wonder why it’s referred to as a couloir!


Squaw Valley, CA: The Fingers

Just from the pictures, it is evident as to why The Fingers is one of the most dangerous slopes in the world. The run seems almost vertical, and this isn’t even the hardest part. It also includes a 50-foot drop and the total slope is 2000 feet long. This dangerous slope is made for only the best skiers. Head to Squaw Valley to see if you’re one of them!

La Grave, France

La Grave ski resort is known for its terrifying and dangerous hills. There is no single scary hill here because each slope is challenging in its own unique way. Watch out for glaciers, steeps, chutes, and even avalanches. There are no official runs, signs, or ski patrol. It’s just you and the mountain. Skiers can take a gondola up 7000 feet and must count on their own instincts or a guide to get down the mountain. Head to France if you’re up for the challenge!

Portillo, Chile: Super C

The Super C couloir at the Ski Portillo resort isn’t only difficult to ski, but also to reach. Skiers are pulled to the top of the mountain on a five-person lift. Then, they must take a two-hour bootpack hike to get to the couloir.  While this heavy and arduous hike might be strenuous, skiers can enjoy the view of Chile’s mountains such as the Aconcagua. Once the skiers reach the couloir, they have to ski down 13,000 feet. As if this wasn’t difficult enough, they must also navigate sheer rock walls, large steeps, and narrow turns. This might be challenging but the view might just be worth it!

Banff, Canada: Delirium Dive

Banff is known in Canada for its intense slopes and Delirium Drive truly lives up to that name. Because it isn’t technically an official run, skiers are required to bring either a partner or a guide, as well as avalanche gear. This safety equipment is so important that you can’t get through the gate without it! This run includes two options. The easier option features steep stairs to Dive Proper and the harder option features a 2000-foot descent to the bottom of the slope. On the way down, you’ll be sure to encounter many cliffs, chutes, and steeps.


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